May 29

Fishing for Talent

By: Gary Miller

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 Fishing for talent

Let’s say you want to catch a big fish…one that might be considered a “trophy,”  you have two choices:

Choice #1:  Write a great description of what kind of fish you want (length, weight, species, etc.).  Then describe why you want it (to win a tournament for example).  Then you would describe why being caught by you would benefit the fish ( I have many great pictures of fish).   Next,  you could transfer this to a sign and put it on the end of a pier, throw a bobber in the water, hope a fish sees it and is hungry at the same time.  To increase your odds, you could put signs in several places around the lake and direct the fish over to your pier.

Choice #2:  You could hire a well renowned fishing guide that is known for their expertise.  You could describe the kind of fish you want, what you want it for and when you’d like to catch it.  Your guide would know where to go, when to go and exactly what kind of bait to use to attract that particular fish.  The guide won’t be successful every time, but their profession and reputation rest on their ability to deliver what the fisherman wants a high percentage of the time.  The pictures on their walls and websites will be the proof.

Next time you want to find and hire a key contributor for a critical role,  consider your options.  Know that the odds of catching that prize candidate are significantly higher when you use the services of a highly specialized Executive Recruiter.

Maybe sometime soon, you’ll have your picture taken with that star performer with both of you beaming for all their accomplishments.

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Tags: Employer Resources